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Super Bope Free

Developer: Malacara Games

In 2023 the city is dominated by crime and corruption, the security forces have lost control and the situation is chaotic.The thicker shell of elite troops arrived skull, and will send banditry into the ditch!
* Shooter game in the third person style graphics cartoon
* 30 missions* Controllable vehicles, such as tanks, cars, helicopters and more!* Multiple weapons* Explosives* Achievements* Destructible City!
Sit finger and send banditry to Pope account!
Important: Your qualification is very important to us, comments and criticisms are welcome and support us to improve the game, but remember! only qualify after testing the game.
Technical Note: The game is pretty intensive CPU usage. Making it difficult for us to ensure smooth gameplay on all devices. We appreciate the support
credits:Programming: Dell Blanco, Edu and Rosana BabySoundtrack: Fadroel
Malacara Games